From the Rector’s Desk – 02.01.2020

Happy New Year!

May 2020 be filled with joy, peace, hope and opportunity to serve our God.

It’s the first week of January and we are still on our Christmas Recess.

Next week we will be back to work and school starts, and preparation for Vestries will be in full swing.

So, before the year gets going, take the time to breathe and relax a little and still your hearts. 2019 is behind us and a whole new year of exciting opportunities awaits us.

The Feast of Epiphany (6 January) will be celebrated on the Sunday (5th) and the Season ends on the 2nd of February. The Season focuses on the truth that Christ is manifest to humankind, to the world and to the entire creation. In the readings of the Season we catch a glimpse of the cosmic dimension of the work and achievement of Christ. The scriptures challenge us to reveal the truth through our own lives. (Lectionary)

As we seek to respond to that challenge, we must apply our minds to the leadership for 2020.

I always leave the election of Council to the laity of the Church, without interference from me, but I make this exception to ask you to consider that we need your input to ensure that a full council is elected in 2020. It is very difficult to function as the Church with a Council that does not represent all the aspects of parish life. The Guilds need to be represented; the Ministry needs to be represented. I can only encourage the MU, the AWF, the Youth, the Sunday School, the Lay Ministry Team, the Servers and the Sacristans to ensure that they nominate and vote in, a council member. Council is where the church should be managed from and it is very difficult to be effective without adequate representation. We have an effective administrator and the work of the Wardens is well supported and we are looking to a more positive year financially, but we need passionate leadership to grow the church and develop it. We have many new members and we need to be developing a contextual ministry that meets the needs of 2020 and beyond.

As Rector, I can build a team ministry if you, the laity, commit to being part of the leadership. Be assured of my prayers.

Remember that in 2020 we have an elective assembly and it is important that we use our vote wisely – and that starts with who you choose to represent you at Elective Assembly.

Remember they represent the parish and do not go with a mandate from you but need to discern God’s will at the Assembly.  

I look forward to seeing you all next week.

God bless!

Fr Andrew.

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