From the Rector’s Desk – 15.02.2020

To the People of the community of the Good Shepherd.

I went into 2020 believing in the words of Revelation 3:8 “I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door.”

How blessed I was to meet with the new Executive of our Parish, I truly feel that we are stepping through that open door, and I look forward to our first Parish Council meeting on Tuesday.

I pray that God will continue to guide us by the Power of the Holy Spirit as He transforms us as individuals and as community.

I ask us all to fervently pray for our Assistant Priest Revd. Peta and for her healing. I ask too for prayers for our former Church Warden Bryan Diener, who is in High Care and needs our prayers. Pray too for Gail and Gavin his children, as they journey with him through this sacred path.

Our Sunday School is growing and outgrowing our structures, Claire is doing a fantastic job but needs help.  I would like to meet with all the parents on the 23rd February, after the service, to discuss the plans for the Sunday School going forward. I will be writing a new curriculum for the Sunday School as part of my formal studies this year and look forward to a much greater interaction with the children than I have had in the past. Increasing the number of Lay Preachers is essential to freeing me up to work with the Sunday School and is an exciting growth point for us as a community. We need people to join the teaching staff and be part of this development. As you will receive training it is not essential to have teaching experience, but of course teachers are welcome to share their skills with this ministry.

On the 23rd we are blessed to have Bishop Monument conducting the service for us. God is indeed good to us.

Speaking of Bishop’s; I ask you to fervently pray for the nominees whose names are being presented to the Elective Assembly Advisory Committee. (They will be announced in March). Pray for the Committee and those proposing the Nominees. We have to ensure that we give of ourselves to God to be used by Him. It is no small thing to put yourself at the mercy of the Diocese in order to be used by God to serve as Bishop. Strict measures have been put in place and we pray that this Elective Assembly will be effective in its work.

I ask you too to pray for our Social Outreach program (S’Nothando Creche, Environmental and Education aspects. There are a number of things which I am just waiting for the Spirit of God to open the door and push me through – It’s all lining up and we trust that We as a community will be great influences in the dynamic plans for our region around education and job creation. “True Religion is this, to Love mercy, act justly and work humbly with your God.

That means reaching out to the despairing, fighting against injustice, and working for the good of others and not just ourselves.

May God bless you all abundantly.


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