From The Rector’s Desk – 21 June 2019

May the Lord our God lead us into all truth and guide us through the darkness of this world into His glorious light. The Lord be with you.

As clichéd as this sounds, it’s hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year. Reflecting on the time that has passed one notices all the things that haven’t been done, and all the things that God, has done.

Our Youth Ministry continues to grow, and it really excites me that this is led by the youth themselves. A healthy Church is one that organizes itself and develops itself and is ministered to by the clergy (as opposed to the clergy organizing everything and the people tagging along). I am pleased with the growth in the Women’s Guilds both AWF and MU and encourage them to develop within the parish and to grow here, and then later we can connect with the Diocese and get involved in other outreach. We need to strengthen within first.

Our Creche remains our biggest Social Responsibility project and we have seen God bless it abundantly, we need to continue to build on this ministry and it is pleasing to see more people getting involved. 

Our troubles at 81 Fynn Rd continue and we are engaging with more lawyers and more talks, so I ask you to pray for an end to our problems there. I do feel that we must realize that we need to stand on our own two feet and not rely on property rental to balance the budget.

Please continue to prayer fervently for our Church (for its people) especially the ill (this flu is terrible this year) and for those traveling at this time. Pray for family life and for opportunities to grow in love with one and other and in God. 

From one who serves among you.

Fr Andrew.

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