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Commas, Not Periods


Commas, Not Periods

My Father is still working, and I also am working. —John 5:17

A couple of times I have seen a meme online that says,

“Don’t put a period where God has placed a comma. God is still speaking.”

It reminds me of this verse from John’s Gospel. Jesus’ work did not end 2,000 years ago when he ascended into heaven, and God did not quit communicating with us after the Bible was written. No matter how troubling things may be, God is still active here and now. God is still sending angels and allies. God is still speaking words of comfort and strength and love to us today. We just have to attune our eyes and our ears to how Jesus is working today.


Who has said something to you or done something for you in the past week that has been a blessing?

How does that reveal to you that God is still working and speaking in the year 2021?

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