From The Rector's Desk

From The Rector’s Desk – 11.07.2019

Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, the Lord be with you.

Welcome to the season of Intentional Discipleship. This week the Councils of St Mary’s and the Good Shepherd met together to reflect upon the six weeks of Mission Shaped Ministry dialogue that we had had in conjunction with the Methodist Churches, a most worthwhile learning opportunity for us all and one from which we will reshape our ministry going forward. As Vanda concluded in her summary of the course – We are to ask ourselves. “What is holding me back (as an individual in the Church) from joining God in His mission here on earth?”

Discipleship means moving from being someone who attends a Church to being someone who is engaged with and participating in God’s Mission – through the local church.

As council we recognized the need to be more adaptable, we wrestled with the concept of Jesus being an agent of Change (change – the most feared word in the English language). But we realized that it was our need to have an attitude of adaptability that is key to being part of God’s Mission. We have to be prepared to see other people’s points of view; change does not necessarily just mean doing Church differently it means having a different attitude towards being church. It means changing the way we do church from Monday to Saturday, not how we do church on a Sunday.

As the Rector I put two challenges to the Council and now I put them to you.

“What is it that makes you reluctant or nervous to invite someone to attend our Church services?” maybe that is something that we need to change!


What is it that you see needs to be done, or done differently ( Very simplistically – what “bugs you” about, or in our church) maybe that is what God is calling you to do, to engage with, to be part of the solution to.

In this next season I ask you to prayerfully consider your relationship with Jesus Christ, as a Disciple.

In a relationship you are challenged, and you grow, and you seek, and you wrestle, and you are molded, and you resist, and you submit. Do not be afraid of a dynamic relationship with Jesus, do not be afraid of being called and being sent. For HE who has called you is faithful and He will not fail you.

Yours, as one who serves among you,

Fr Andrew.

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