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From the Rector’s desk – 17 November 2019

“Full of praise full of power full of glory – we are the temple of the Holy “Ghost”

The Lord is King let the earth rejoice!

The Parish Councils met this week and gave thanks for the year that has passed and what we have been able to achieve together and looked at the way forward, and made some important decisions, which we are to implement.

As we look to 2020 we need to start prayerfully looking at the leadership of the Church, and discerning for a new Bishop is a major priority for the year ahead, but  – my little contribution to all of this is that we need to change the way Parish life works to build the church – not just elect a new Bishop. One of the things that we are doing as a Diocese is looking at how our leadership functions can be re-organized to make our structures more effective. Re-designing how our local leadership works, will be a critical step in going forward.

Firstly, the Two Churches will continue to operate as two interdependent Churches, with the two buildings and separate accounts. But we will combine the Ministry teams and Develop a Discipleship Team to co-ordinate the ministry life of the Parish. The focus of the Discipleship team will be the development of Ministry. This will strengthen our church and empower us. Developing a Ministry Action Plan that provides structure and co-ordinates our lives together and provides the Policy and Procedure to provide good Governance for each parish, is going to be a big part of the restructuring process and provide the upward management that is required to reform the Church from parish to Diocesan level. Discussion around leadership and planning for VESTRY 2020 has begun.

St Mary’s Vestry 26 January 2020.

Church of the Good Shepherd Vestry 2 February 2020.

It’s an exciting time to be Church.

I share a concern with you. Throughout our community, our Province and throughout the World we are having a leadership crisis and organizations of all forms are failing. There are many reasons for this and I am working with many community structures who are struggling with the lack of “volunteerism” – no one wants to participate, (although there are plenty willing to complain) and raising willing leadership is becoming increasingly difficult. This week I heard how a company is even struggling to get people into employment, because they are not prepared to “do the work” to become employable. Our society is in “crisis” and we, the Church have a huge role to play in bringing healing, reconciliation and justice, and in providing leadership.

But this requires that we do what others are not willing to do. That we create the support structures and the capacity to intervene and mediate and facilitate. Being Ambassadors of Reconciliation, is going to be our ministry theme for 2020. Reconciliation with God, with each other, and with our neighbour. A loving Community is a reconciliatory community. I would love to hear from you. Where do you see reconciliation needed in your circle of influence? How can we address the societal issues of racism, xenophobia, gender discrimination, hatred, domestic violence etc etc.

Please pray for our community and for those who are working fervently to build it.

Finally! Be of Good courage. Like the Spies in the times of Moses – we all go out into the world and see the place that God has planned for us to live and we see the wonderful fruits of the land, we see the prosperity! But we see Giants: of Corruption, Greed, Consumerism, and Capitalism and the ideologies of the “Post Christian era.”  Like Caleb must get up every day and say – “We should go up and certainly take the land because we can do it” (Numbers 13: 30).

And so, my dear friends, in Christ. Let us fan into flame the gift of life that has been given to us. Let us take to heart the Biblical Principles that have been made known to us and live the life that we are called to. We are not to wander around aimlessly forever. We are to go up and take the city. The first step Israel took to enter the promised land was to march 7 times around Jericho. They did not take up arms, they did not fight – they marched. With one mind, with eyes to heaven, in obedience, they marched!

If we are led by the Spirit let us walk in the spirit, (march in the Spirit – marching is a purposeful unified, coordinated, synchronized kind of walking)!

The God who has called us is faithful and He will not fail us!

Be assured of my prayers!


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