From The Rector's Desk

From The Rector’s Desk, May 5 2019

Christ is risen!

This week is an important week in our country, as we go to the polls. We must remember though that we are ambassadors to this land and we are no more of this world than Jesus is. We are sent to bring the Kingdom of God into our communities and live according to His will. So let us pray for peace, let us pray for calm, let us pray for wisdom. But it is not the government that will change the fortunes of South Africa, it is its people. We must strive to live out God’s mandate of love of neighbour and enemy, of “ earth keeping” of justice and mercy. We must build the country, family by family community by community. As always I encourage you to be part of building the country that you want to live in right here in our parish. Participate in its life, know Jesus and make him known, be the community of Christ in the world in the church and in the streets and in the workplace. May God guide you and fill you with his love and may you know the length, depth, width and height of His love and may you show that love to the world.

We pray for our province which has suffered much these last few weeks. The devastating floods the  riots and strikes and damage to our community. We pray for those who have lost loved ones in this time.

We are doing a special collection

for Moses (our verger) , who lost his home in the floods. We are looking for kitchen utensils, household goods and clothing. We need to raise money too to buy building materials. Please assist in rebuilding his home.


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