From The Rector's Desk

From the Rectors Desk – St Mary’s – 23 April 2021

Grace and Peace to You from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ!

The Parish Council met this week, and we continue to deliberate on the ministry life of the church. I am pleased to report that some new ministries are developing, and that people are returning to church, where worship is taking place in a COVID compliant fashion. A word of thanks to Bishop Monument and Vanda for their ministry.

Sunday worship will be blessed with the input of a new Music Ministry Team.

We are feeding 15 to 20 people on Friday’s, both volunteers and financial contribution are needed for this, please contact the office if you are willing to assist.

We need additional volunteers to be COVID Officers for Services – these people are responsible for screening, sanitising, disinfecting, and monitoring for COVID compliance. This is essential to our ability to continue to have physical services, please consider assisting – contact the Church office to put your name down to assist.

We also need lifts for people who wish to return to physical worship, please let the church office know if you are available to assist with that.

I ask you to be patient with me as I “pivot,” and establish myself in my new role. It does mean that if you need something you have to ask – I can respond to what I know about and need your help in keeping a finger on the pulse of the needs in the parish. Please don’t think that I am too busy for you. Ask and you shall receive!

Please continue to fervently pray for the Diocesan Council (which meets tomorrow, 24th April), the Elective Assembly (17,18 May) and the life of the Diocese, in general.

Be assured of my love and prayers!

Fr Andrew.

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