Priest in Charge

When asked to describe herself, Rev Deborah responded with:

I am A child of God, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a mentor and a servant leader, who is cracked and imperfect but beautifully and creatively used by Christ. A courageous, vulnerable, and forthright woman who is not afraid to go where God leads me, having the assurance that He has gone before me in all things.”

~Revd Deborah Moorgas

As a Self-supporting clergy person, she balances the demands of a Corporate job, the church, and being a mother, all by God’s grace. There are many days that she feels inadequate and undeserving but is very quickly reminded by God that He chose her, He loves her, and that He is the one who continues to equip her in all things that are asked of her.

Rev Deborah has a passion for young people, has great respect for the not-so-young, and longs to bring those in-betweeners back to church. She is a great believer in empowering all people, more especially women, young and old, and would love to impact lives in a positive and meaningful way.

She loves spending time with her daughters, Zara and Amara, loves playing sports (all types), reading, exercising, and long lazy get-togethers with family and friends, and is passionate about people, God, and the Church.

As she said, she’s not perfect, has her moments of weakness, sometimes talks too much and listens too little, over-thinks, over-loves, and can sometimes be too dramatic but she expects that these are things that she needs to continually work on and is reminded that God can and does use our Imperfections to His glory…

As she says:

“If God can use a sinner like me then God can use us all..”

~Revd Deborah Moorgas