Psalm 19:1-4

Journeying through the Psalms

Psalm 19:1-4

Both God’s creation and his Word reveals his greatness!

In this Psalm, David’s steps of meditation take him from creation, through God’s Word, through David’s own sinfulness, to salvation.

We are surrounded by fantastic displays of God’s craftmanship. The heavens give dramatic evidence of his existence, his power, his love, his care. To say that the universe happened by chance is absurd. It’s design, intricacy, and orderliness point to a personally involved Creator. As you look at God’s handiwork in nature and the heavens, thank him for such magnificent beauty and the truth it reveals about the Creator.

The apostle Paul in Romans 1:19-20 referred to this Psalm when he explained that everyone knows about God’s existence and power. While nature points to the existence of God, the Bible tells us about salvation. God’s people must explain to others how they can have a relationship with God. Although people everywhere should already believe in a Creator by just looking at the evidence of nature around them, God needs us to explain his love, mercy, and grace.

What are you doing to take God’s message out into the world?

Let us pray:

God, your glory fills the heavens
and all that you have made bears your mark.
We pray for this creation:
we ask forgiveness for the ways in which we have disfigured it;
we pray for those who cannot enjoy
the warm sun or the cool night,
those who are imprisoned or alone
those who are ill or infirm
those who mourn.
Use all of us, our hearts, our hands,
to bring your wondrous power into their lives.
Let us glorify you, O God.


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