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About St Mary’s

Welcome to St Mary’s,

the church in the community, the community in the church.

Since 1915, people who identify as Anglicans have worshiped God in Warner beach.  The church was built in 1928 and the first service held in St Mary’s was on Christmas day 1928. Since then the church hall was erected and the church rebuilt, to give us what we have today.

The community of St Mary is not a large community, but God has called us to be in this place at this time to serve him in our unique way. Anglicans are known as people of the “book” and we have three pillars of our Faith – Scripture , tradition and reason. We hold that “scripture contains all things necessary for salvation , and it is our primary authority.” Our tradition is enshrined in the Book of Common Prayer – one of the greatest gifts the church has to offer. Our ability to be guided in our worship and to have structure is one of the most underrated and misunderstood treasures of our time.  Our prayer book enables us to unite in prayer and scripture reading and walk a common road led by and under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Its use in services enables everyone, even a first time visitor to participate in the worship of God. 

At St Mary’s our focus is “intentional discipleship” and we do this by building an understanding of the “Ministry of all believers.” Every member of St Mary’s has a God given vocation and  as the organized church it is our role to help to identify that, equip people to fulfill it and provide opportunity to exercise that ministry.

The Church is led by the Rector Revd. Andrew Manning and an annually elected Parish Council. St Mary’s is part of the Ethekweni South Archdeaconry, ( Revd Brian Mahlambi of St Gabriel’s Wentworth ) and the Diocese of Natal ( Bishop Dino Gabriel). The Anglican Church of Southern Africa is led by Archbishop Thabo Makgoba and is in full communion with Anglican Churches from all over the world.

Fr. Andrew Manning