Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 1:14-26

The first church had their very first meeting. And the main order of business was to appoint a new apostle. While the apostles waited, they were doing what they could, praying, seeking God’s guidance, and getting organized. Waiting for God to work does not mean sitting around doing nothing. We must do what we can, while we can, as long as we don’t run ahead of God.

Judas had betrayed Jesus, and hung himself, now the 11 apostles were looking for a replacement. They outlined specific criteria for making the choice. After finalists were chosen, the apostles prayed, asking God to guide the selection process. This is very similar to the process involved in the discernment of ordination candidates, to discern if this is God’s will for this person to be ordained. The candidates need to show that they are involved in the mission of the Church (God’s mission). Then those who shows promise, takes part in the discernment council, which consists of the Bishop, and a team of clerics. They interview all the candidates. And then they retreat into prayer and contemplation, to discern God’s will for each candidate and to make a wise decision. Not everyone is suitable for ordination.

This give us a good example of how to proceed when we are making important decisions. We should set up criteria consistent with the Bible, examine the options, and pray for wisdom and guidance to reach a wise decision.

Many people consistently followed Jesus throughout his ministry on earth. The 12 disciples were his inner circle, but others shared the disciples deep love and commitment for Jesus.

The disciples became apostles. Disciple means follower or learner, and apostle means messenger or missionary. These 12 people now had the special assignment of spreading the Good News of Jesus death and resurrection.

Meditation Prompt:

Are you including God into all your decisions? Are you seeking his council? And where do you believe you are in your spiritual journey, a Disciple or an Apostle?