Daily Reflections

Reflecting on ACTS 1:4-5

The Trinity is a concept describing the unique relationship of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. If Jesus had stayed on earth, his physical presence would have limited the spread of the gospel, because physically he could be in only one place at a time. But after he was taken up into heaven, he would be spiritually present everywhere through the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit was sent so that God would be with his followers after Jesus returned to heaven. The Spirit would comfort them, guide them to know his truth, remind them of Jesus’ words, give them the right words to say, and fill them with power.

At Pentecost the Holy Spirit was made available to all who believe in Jesus. We receive the Holy Spirit, or are baptized with him, when we received Jesus Christ.

Receiving the Holy Spirit marks the beginning of the Christian experience, we cannot be Christians without his Spirit, we cannot be united to Jesus without his Spirit, we cannot be adopted as his children without his Spirit, we cannot be in the body of Christ except by Baptism in the Spirit.

The Holy Spirit provides the unique power of our new lives. He begins a lifelong process of change to make us more like Jesus. When we receive Jesus by faith, we begin an immediate personal relationship with God. Throughout our lives, the Holy Spirit works in us to help us to become like Jesus.

Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as an advocate counsellor, or comforter. The Holy Spirit guides us, teaches us, and helps us to understand the message God has given us in the Bible. He knows us and connects us to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit unites the Christian community in Christ. He can be experienced by all, and he works through all.

Meditation prompt

Where is the Holy Spirit leading you to?