Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 1:6-7

Like other Jews, the disciple chafed under the Roman rulers. They wanted to Jesus to free Israel from Roman power and then become their king. Jesus replied that God the Father sets the timetable for all events, worldwide, national, in Natal, in our Local parish, and personal. If you want changes that God hasn’t yet made, don’t become impatient. Instead trust his timetable.

During the years of Jesus’ ministry on earth, the disciples continually wondered about his kingdom. When would it come? What would be their role? In the traditional view, the Messiah would be an earthly conqueror who would free Israel from Rome. But the kingdom Jesus spoke about was, first of all, a spiritual kingdom established in the hearts and lives of believers. God’s presence and power dwell in believers in the person of the Holy Spirit.

Meditation Prompt

What have you asked from God, which he has not answered yet? Maybe you have a few from a long time ago? Have you been impatient or frustrated, wanting to give up on praying and asking God for help? Speak to God about how you feel? But don’t ever stop praying for what you have been asking for. Keep on knocking on that door.