Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 2:12-14

When the Disciples started talking in tongues, the crowd recognized that something supernatural was taking place, they were obviously curious for an explanation. At this point, Peter stepped forward and explained what was happening. This, of course, gave him an opportunity to talk about God and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

This should be the pattern of our lives as well. There are events and circumstances in the world and in people’s lives every day that cause them to ask, “What does this mean?” These give us the opportunity to explain our hope of salvation and how these people’s stories fit into God’s greater story.

If our lives are different because of the light of Christ in us, others will be all the more curious about why.

Meditation Prompt:

What is different about your life? What supernatural evidence about your life story could only be explained by God’s handiwork? Share those stories and you be sharing the Good News about Jesus!