Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 2:16-23

The “Last Days” include all the days between Jesus’ first and second comings, and here the words mean “from now on”. “The Great and Glorious day of the Lord” indicate the whole Christian age. Even Moses yearned for God to put his Spirit on everyone.

At Pentecost the Holy Spirit was released throughout the entire world, to men, women, sons, daughters, Jews, gentiles. Now everyone can receive the Spirit. This was a revolutionary thought for first Century Jews.

Everything that happened to Jesus was under God’s control. His plans were never disrupted by the Roman government or the Jewish officials. This was especially comforting to those facing oppression during the time of the early Christian Church.

Our faith and our credibility rest on the truth of the empty tomb. Why? For a number of reasons. According to the apostle Paul, the resurrection of Jesus means that he is the son of God and that his Word is to be trusted. It means that his sacrifice for sin is acceptable to God, so that we can be completely forgiven. It means that our Saviour is alive and active, able to help us in times of need. It also means that one day we, too, will conquer death. The Christian faith rests on the basic fact of an empty tomb.

Meditation prompt:

Don’t neglect this essential part of the Gospel when you share your faith with others.