Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 2:38-43

We reflected yesterday on the need to repent of our sins. To repent of our sins means to turn from them, to change the direction of your life from selfishness and rebellion against God’s laws. At the same time, you must turn to Jesus Christ, depending on him for forgiveness, mercy, guidance, and purpose. We cannot save ourselves, only God can save us.

Baptism identifies us with Jesus and with the community of believers. It is a condition of discipleship and a sign of faith.

About 3000 people became new believers when Peter preached the Good News of Jesus. These new Christians were united with the other believers, taught by the apostles, and included in the prayer meetings and fellowship. New believers need to be in groups where they can learn God’s Word, pray, and mature in the faith.

Meditation prompt:

If you have just begun a relationship with Jesus, think about how you can seek out other believers for fellowship, prayer, and teaching. Engaging with a Christ-following community will help you to grow and mature in your faith.