Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 2:5-11

After the people received the Holy Spirit, they were literally talking in tongues, a miraculous attention getter for the international crowd gathered in town for the festival. The people saw the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The apostles continued to minister in the Holy Spirit’s power wherever they went.

Jesus offer salvation to all people without regards to nationality. Visitors in Jerusalem were surprised to hear the apostles and other believers speaking in tongues other than their own, but they need not have been. God does all kinds of miracles to spread the gospel, using many languages as he calls all kinds of people to become his followers. No matter who you are, God speaks to you.

Meditation prompt:

What do you need him to say to you, and in what area of your life would you like to hear his voice? Are you listening?

Every believer has a story. Be encouraged by asking others to share what God has done in their lives.