Daily Reflections

Reflection on Acts 3:11-16

Peter had an audience, and he capitalized on the opportunity to share about Jesus Christ. He clearly presented his message by telling the people, who Jesus is – the Messiah, how they had rejected him, why their rejection was fatal, and what they needed to do to change the situation. Peter told the crown that they still had a choice; God still offered them the opportunity to believe and receive Jesus as their Messiah and as their Lord. Displays of God’s mercy and grace, such as the healing of this man, often create teachable moments.

Jesus not the apostles, received the glory for the healing of the man. By using Jesus’ name, Peter showed who gave him the authority and power to heal.

Meditation Prompt:

When we pray in Jesus’ name, we must remember that it is Jesus himself, not merely the sound of his name, who give our prayer their power.

Ask God for courage, like Peter’s, to see opportunities and to use them to tell the story of the resurrected Jesus.