Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 3:19-20

When we repent, God promises not only to cleanse us of our sins but also to bring spiritual refreshment. Repentance may at first seem painful because it is hard to give up certain sins. But God will provide something better. If you seek the Lord, God will refresh you, renew your spirit, fill you with hope, and overwhelm you with his promises.

John the Baptist had prepared the way for Jesus by preaching that people should repent of (turn away) from sin. The apostle’s message of salvation also included the call for people to repent, acknowledging their sin and turning away from it. Many people want the benefits Jesus offers without admitting their own disobedience and turning away from sin. The key to receiving forgiveness is confessing your sin and turning from it.

Meditation prompt:

Do this now if you haven’t before! Jesus is alive, and he will forgive you, removing your sin and guilt.