Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 4:24-31

Notice how the believers prayed. First, they praised God; then they told God their specific problem and asked for his help. They did not ask God to remove the problem but to help them deal with it. We can follow this model when we pray. We may ask God to remove our problems, and he may do so. But we must first recognize that often he will leave a problem in place and give us strength and courage to deal with it.

As the sovereign Lord of all events, God rules history to fulfill his purposes. What his will determines; his power carries out. No leader, army, government, or council can stand in God’s way.

Boldness is not reckless impulsiveness. Boldness requires courage to press on through our fears and do what we know is right.

Meditation prompt:

How can we be bolder?

Like the disciples, we need to pray with others. To gain boldness you can pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to give you courage, look for opportunities in your family and community to talk about Jesus, ask God to demonstrate his supernatural power in equipping the people of your church to serve, and start where you are by being bolder in small ways.