Daily Reflections

Reflecting on Acts 4:3-7

In many parts of the world, sharing the gospel would not send us to jail as it did for Peter and John. Still, we run the risk in trying to win others to Christ. We might be willing to face a night in jail if it would bring 5000 to Christ, but shouldn’t we also be willing to suffer for the sake of even one?

What do you risk in witnessing? Rejection? Persecution? Whatever the risks, realize that nothing done for God is ever wasted.

Peter and John were asked by the council, by what power they had healed the man and by what authority they preached. The actions and words of Peter and Jon threatened these religious leaders, who for the most part, were more interested in their reputations and positions than in God.

Through the help of the Holy Spirit, Peter spoke boldly before the council, putting the council on trial by showing them that the man they had crucified had risen again. Instead of being defensive, the apostles went on the offensive, boldly speaking out for God and presenting the gospel to these leaders.

Meditation prompt:

When you feel intimidated because of your faith, remember the boldness of Peter and John, and speak with confidence because Jesus is the Saviour.