Archdeaconry Circular

Archdeaconry Circular 26 November 2021

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. May we all walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and may God’s divine presence be manifest among us and through us.
I do pray that as we go into Advent this weekend, that we will all give ourselves to following the “star” that leads to the revelation of God among us. That we will all reorder our lives and receive new direction, so that we can see Jesus. The enemy is indeed prowling like a roaring lion seeking to devour us (1 Peter 5:8); but we know that no weapon formed against us will prevail (Isaiah 54:7). Therefore, we go into this new liturgical year with confidence that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom. (Proverbs 9:10).

May our life of witness to the truth of our Saviour be that star. May our Churches and our discipleship, be that star. May the grace that we share and the hope that we profess, be a star to the communities we serve, and may our lives together as the people of God, the fellowship of believers, be that star that leads people to Jesus.

Please continue to uphold Revd Luthuli in prayer. As we pray for his healing, we pray for peace for Lindiwe and his family and for their wellbeing. Sipho is in Entabeni Hospital Rehabilitation Centre.

  1. Clergy Forum
    You have received, via email, an invitation to a meeting with Bishop Ndwandwe on the 3rd at 09h00 at St Barnabas Bluff. This is a critical meeting and it is important that you attend. Please confirm attendance with the Bishop’s office and me. We will be joined by the clergy of eThekwini Central and Umzimkulu Archdeaconries.
  2. Insurance
    You have received your Insurance Schedules. Please study them carefully and make sure that you have adequate cover. The contents of the accommodation of all Clergy must be covered by your insurance. Sound Systems and computers need to be separately insured. The review of these policies is critical and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, I will also review all of your policies to assist you, but the Exco of every parish must take responsibility and then Pay for the insurance. The full amount is due in January, and I encourage parishes wherever possible to pay upfront. Many Parishes also have insurance arrears, but I will write individually to each parish in that regard.
  3. Assessments
    I am pleased with the discussions that are taking place to address the Assessment
    arrears. I remind you that we have all received money out of the Central Fund and
    received the renumeration that comes from the Assessments. This is money that we have
    received but not paid into. It is true debt, because the Stipends of all our clergy have
    been paid every month, despite contributions towards that not been received in full. As
    we see increased attendance and start to recover from 2020/2021; paying these arrears
    is a priority. Thank you to those Parishes that have been faithful in paying the
  4. Diocesan Council
    Please pray for the Diocesan Council as it meets tomorrow (27Th) the Budget will be

    Let us be unwavering in our devotion to Christ. Let us not tire of doing good and let us be of
    good courage.

    My I end with St James exhortation to the Church (James 3: 16-18)
    For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every evil practice. But the wisdom from above is first of all pure, then peace-loving, gentle, accommodating, full of
    mercy and good fruit, impartial, and sincere. Peacemakers who sow in peace reap the fruit of

    Be assured of my love and prayers as we continue to sow in peace and reap the fruit of

    Yours in the service of Christ
    Love and Peace – Andrew.

    Revd. Andrew Manning.
    Be curious, be present and re-imagine
Archdeaconry Circular

Archdeaconry Circular 8 October 2021

Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

This week I write just to encourage you. I am sure that by next week after Trustees and Chapter have met, I will have some notices for you.

Please pray for:
• Sithembiso Mbatha and Barnabas Nqindi who are ill;
• Sipho Luthuli who is on leave.

Please discuss your Stewardship Campaigns at Parish level – the Archdeaconry Stewardship Working group highlighted “Compliance” with the Churches Policies and Procedures (Canons and Rules) and good governance as the major issue that will assist with addressing Stewardship.

I encourage the Working Group to continue to work together to drive positive growth in our Church.

Thank you to the parishes that submitted budgets and have empowered me to respond to the 2022 Budget. While we are still not able to balance our Clergy budget due to non-payment, we are trusting that 2022 will see improvements in contribution to the central fund.
I hope that you were inspired by Anglicans Ablaze.

This next week is a Rogation week at which time we give thanks for the fruits of the land and sea, harvested through industry, agriculture, mining and commerce. Consumerism is the religion of our time, and it is the idolatry that we must stand against, and by drawing attention to the fact that the earth is the Lord’s and everything that dwells therein, (1 Cor 10:26) and that it is God who provides for us that we will ensure that the disciples of Christ restore Kingdom values in the workplace. We need to rebuild a circular economy that is just, fair and equitable and that is not built on greed and waste. We can all bring about a change to the corruption of Capitalism and the evils that the world economy brings upon all creation. May we take the time and effort to prayerful address the principal of being in the world and not of it, of living simply and caring for God’s earth.

What God requires of us is this. To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. Micah 6:8b

Almighty God and Father you have so ordered
our life that we are defendant on one another:
prosper those engaged in commerce and
industry and direct their minds and hands that
they may rightly use your gifts in the service of
others; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Remember that I am still looking for people, especially youth, to get involved with an
entrepreneurship program. I have a number of opportunities to share.

Above all, let us be faithful in prayer and submit to the Holy Spirit to guide us through these
troubled waters of our time. Remain faithful. The God who has called you is faithful and He
will not fail you.

Be assured of my love and prayers as we continue to strengthen as a Church.
Yours in the service of Christ.

Love and peace.
Revd. Andrew Manning.

From The Rector's Desk

From the Rectors Desk 12 March 2021

Grace and Peace from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

As we are not having a Vestry this year – I am using this opportunity to give the report that I would have given at Vestry.

I would like to begin by offering my Condolences to all who have lost loved ones during this pandemic, who have lost jobs and income, who have lost friends and for whom isolation has been a sad reality. While we have tried to maintain contact with everyone and provide a support base, I do acknowledge our failures and inadequacies and ask forgiveness from those who feels the church failed them.

For many, 2020 was a year of intense and challenging growth in their faith and some very good things have emerged from the calamity, but we know the cost that it came at. We are grateful to God whose promises have become a reality and our prayer is that more and more people will turn to a true religion – “what God requires of us is this, to love mercy, to seek justice and to walk humbly with our Lord, who desires mercy not sacrifice.”

Scripture says – “My house will be a house of prayer” and the fact that we now follow an Anglican ethos of daily Morning and Evening prayers has been a wonderful blessing and is holding us together as only the Spirit of God can do. The word of God says – “If my people will humble themselves and pray then I will hear from heaven and heal their land.” We have become a house of prayer and will continue to be.

I am grateful to God that we can meet and interact in ways that we never imagined, and I encourage you to join us in this new adventure of community life as a Physical and Digital church.

As a Diocese (the institutional Church) 2020 has been a challenging year and the year ahead holds even more change and adjustment. Going into 2020 the Diocese faced an economic crisis and COVID 19 has further negatively impacted upon the financial sustainability of the Diocese. Various commissions have been established and lots of work has been done to address the situation. The bottom line is that our clergy numbers have been drastically reduced and further cuts are anticipated. A new Bishop has yet to be appointed and a turn around strategy has yet to be developed. Much prayer is needed to address the current situation.

On 11 March 2021, I, and 4 others, were appointed as Senior Priests to act as Archdeacons to replace the 5 that have left the Diocese. This means that my Ministry to the Diocese will change somewhat and I need to explain that, as it affects the Parish too.

As Senior Cleric it will be my duty to support the clergy and Parish Councils of the 12 Parishes that make up the eThekwini South Archdeaconry, namely:

• Amanzimtoti – Good Shepherd,
• Bellair – All Saints with St Marks Hillary,
• Bluff – St Barnabas,
• Chatsworth – The Epiphany,
• Enwabi – St Philip,
• Ezimbokodweni – Kwamakhutua/Folweni/Illovo,
• Kingsburgh- St Mary,
• Lamontville- St Simon of Cyrene,
• Merebank- St Michael & All Angels with Isipingo, St James,
• Umlazi, St Augustine,
• Wentworth- St Gabriel,
• Woodlands with Montclair.

As a Diocese we have adopted a system of Clustering in which Parishes will be manged by a Team Rector (developing on what we have done here at St Mary’s and Good Shepherd). I sit on that Restructuring Committee. Using our experience at St Mary and Good Shepherd it is my intention to work with this Committee to build a Model for use across the Diocese.

As Wentworth is without a Rector, we will begin a process of Clustering with Wentworth, Amanzimtoti and Kingsburgh. Lamontville is also vacant, and I am looking for opportunities for them to Cluster with other parishes too. This system will enable us to strengthen the parishes through collaboration.

The major need is therefore, for the people of God to adopt a mission- based approach and seek ways to work together with other churches to address our financial and ministry challenges. The solutions to the challenges lie on the Parishes and we need to drive the change needed to build the church.

Each of these 12 Parishes need to be managed as an individual, interdependent body and allowed to develop in its own way but work together to build the Kingdom, even where a Team Rector exists. A mindset shift is required.

The Key deliverables for this year will be a revised Ministry Plan and a Parish Charter compiled by the Church Council of each Parish which will be used to determine how the church will be structured going forward.

Digital ministry and what we call Phygital, a combination of Physical and Digital, is part of the new normal and we will need to develop the ministry team and provide the budget to manage this.

I ask for your support and input to make this work.

I am also the acting coordinator of the Diocesan Environmental Network (Creation Care Network) and chair the subcommittee for “ministry to the world” on the Theological Education and Formation Committee. As part of this portfolio, I serve on various community-based organisations to address environmental issues with a specific focus on water. This is driven by the desire to act justly, seek mercy and walk humbly with our God, as we care for God’s creation.

Part of that work also involves supporting the Diaconate ministry of the church and training of laity and clergy.

Building a strong ministry team is my passion and I have had a long hard, prayerful look at this, and how I can better serve the church in this regard. I look forward to more people getting involved as the “Ministry of All believers” as we build a new way of doing church to be contextual and relevant to the world as it emerges from this pandemic and into a glorious future.

My prayer is this, that we will seek the Lord our God while He may be found and that we will grow in ourselves and as a community and live out the Kingdom values and participate with Jesus in what He is doing in the world today.

I wish to end with a vote of thanks to my wife, whose love and support empowers me. To Revd Peta who has worked tirelessly despite ill health and has risen to the challenges of being Church in our Time. To Vanda who has provided all the technological expertise to make St Francis online possible and whose daily prayer series have been the backbone of the Parish throughout this time, and to Kim who holds this community together through the power given her by the Holy Spirit as an administrator and communicator. I am grateful to God for the gifts that He gives us through them.

May 2021 be a year of growth, healing and hope!

Love and peace,
be assured of my prayers!
Fr Andrew
Team Rector.
choose faith not fear!