Priest's Perspective

Feast of the Confession of St Peter 18 January 2022

Grace and peace to you today, from God our Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

Today as we celebrate the Confession of St Peter, it is the big question that we all have to answer for ourselves, that comes to mind.  ” who do you say that I am?”

We are surrounded by people and organizations that influence how you answer that question. The major influences in the modern world are individualism and consumerism, the religion of our time.

Christianity is a personal but not an individualistic way of being. Following Christ means accepting that you are part of the body of Christ and He is the head.  This teaching of St Paul is critical to our theology.

Today you are encouraged to think about your answer to your saviour, “who do you say He is” and what does that mean for your life. I’d encourage you to write a list in which you describe who Jesus is to you and then add what action you take or what effect that belief in Him has in your life. So for example:

Jesus is my King – I serve Him.

Jesus is my friend – I spend time with him, I share my life with him.

Jesus is my saviour – I repent and accept the Forgiveness that he offers. (etc).

Compare for yourself the answers that you believe other people have. Jesus asked – ” who do people say that I am.”  You need to know how your Church, how the Anglican Communion, how your Priest, your parents, your leaders, answer that question, so that you can grow in your own understanding.

St Peter came to his conclusion through participating in the “life of Christ,” through attending Temple and worshiping God,   through serving Jesus in daily life, through experiencing Jesus in the world.

You are offered the same opportunity to get to know Jesus, in worship, through His word and through participation in the community of God. The Parish is where you serve and grow in corporate faith, as the body of Christ. “We who are many are one body for all partake of the one bread.” Your discipleship is not just to build your own faith, your own life, your own salvation! Your discipleship is meant to build the body of Christ, the Church. May God draw you into a deeper understanding of Himself and of your life in Him, and may you be blessed as you seek the Lord with all your heart soul and mind today and as you answer your saviour’ s question: ” who do you say that I am?”

Choose life! Choose Faith! Choose to serve Christ.

Be assured of My prayers.