Daily Reflections

Reflection on Acts 1 verse 3

Jesus explained that his coming inaugurated the kingdom of God (referred to in the 2 verses below)

– Matthew 4:17 “The kingdom of heaven has the same meaning as the phrase kingdom of God in Mark and Luke. Mark uses heaven not God because of the Jews, out of their intense reverence and respect, did not speak God’s name. The kingdom of heaven is near, it will live in the heart of every person who comes to believe in Jesus.”

– Luke 4:43 “Why is the kingdom of God good news? It was good news to be Jews because they had been awaiting the coming of the promised Messiah. It is Good News to us also because it means freedom from slavery to sin and selfishness. The kingdom of God is here and now because the Holy Spirit lives in the hearts of believers. Yet it is also in the future because Jesus will return to reign over a perfect kingdom, where sin and evil will no longer exists.”

When he returned to heaven, God’s kingdom would remain in the hearts of all believers through the presence of the Holy Spirit. But the kingdom of God will not be fully realized until Jesus Christ returns to judge all people and remove all evil from the world.

Until that time, believers are to work to spread God’s kingdom across the world. The book of Acts records how this work was begun. What the early church started; we must continue.

Meditation Prompt

As we reflect on the Kingdom of God. Let us reflect on how we can work together as the family of God, to spread God kingdom across the world.