Priest's Perspective

Priests Perspective 28 April 2020

Being a priest to a church in the current reality of #Lockdown is a complicated venture. We are accustomed to Sunday Services and face to face interactions. We preach or teach to a group of people who we can see and watch their reaction and interpret their moods and see their concerns and use group dynamics to minister. All that is gone!

Well no not gone, but changed. What is the change? In our context it is an emerging reality. Identifying that need for change is an acknowledgment that things around us are different and we need to adjust. This is unfamiliar. Usually we drive change, like improvements or adjustments. Now adapting is the major driver of change COVID 19 and its mitigation plan of #Lockdown, we are not the agents of change we are the recipients.

This leaves us feeling out of control, a state that we refer to as Crisis. The Crisis is not the pandemic, the crisis is our loss of control. The way to address this is to regain control. As Christians we regain control by aligning ourselves with Christ and His will. As Henry Nouwen puts it.

 “The more I think about human suffering in the world and my desire to offer a healing response, the more I realize how crucial it is to not allow myself to become paralyzed by feelings of impotence and guilt. More important than ever is to be very faithful to my vocation to do well the few things I am called to do and hold on to the joy and peace they bring me. I must resist the temptation to let the forces of darkness pull me into despair and make me one more of their victims.  I have to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus and on those how followed him and trust that I will know how to live our my mission to be a sign of hope in this world.” ( Here and Now- Heni Nouwen)

When I think of how much importance is given, in Scripture and Religious Literature to drawing aside and seeking God, I cannot but think that these may be the most informative and transformative days of our lives.

Today I encourage you to take your faith seriously as the anchor for your soul. See your Christian calling as your primary vocation and that whatever activities you do, they are mission fields to live out the Gospel. The Gospel of hope and peace and joy. The message of truth, that no hardship can separate you from the love of God.

May our Lord Jesus Christ fill you with all hope and joy as you trust in Him.

Your fellow pilgrim.

Fr Andrew.