From The Rector's Desk

From the Rector’s Desk – Trinity Sunday 2020

The thief comes to rob and destroy but I have come that you may have life! (Jesus)
Uncertainty is a thief of energy and motivation and success. Two weeks ago, I had more clarity about what we were trying to do then I have now, and the last week has derailed a process that we were on together. The emerging reality is becoming less clear each day and the demands on us as we attempt to everyday things have made life very stressful and everything takes so much longer.

I am sure that all of you who have returned to work are suffering from this, and the news is not helping as we really don’t know what is going on at present. Instead of gaining consensus on the way forward we seem to be all over the place.

Interruptions are also nightmarish. One problem with WhatsApp is that it is instant messaging and people expect an instant response, no matter that you are doing something else, no matter that a response requires thought… they want an answer!
This therefore is a time for us to show leadership, and to assist each other to navigate these difficult waters.

I share with you 10 tips I received this week on dealing with stress: (Carey Niewhof)

  1. Tell Someone
    We are afraid of being a burden, but it is essential that we build relationships, that enable us to tell someone. I’m telling you that these are difficult times and I need your prayers. It’s really easy to just send me a WhatsApp and say – Please pray for me.
  2. Develop A Circle Around You
    This is critical, and it would be better if prayer circles are created by you than forced upon you. In the weeks ahead we will be helping to facilitate this.
  3. Keep Leaning into God
    Develop your prayer patterns. Morning and Evening prayers are available on Zoom and we have a 7pm prayer topic each night on WhatsApp. We also supply a reading plan for you to follow a structured reading of Scripture.
  4. Rest
    Do it yourself or it will be forced upon you. You don’t want to end up in a heap like I did on Thursday. Get enough rest.
  5. Find Something To Take Your Attention Away From Your Pain
    Developing new pastimes may be necessary and walking is probably the best plan at present. Walking helps clear the head and revive the soul.
  6. Don’t Make Any Big Decisions
    Definitely. With all the uncertainty take it day by day.
  7. Grieve Your Losses
    There are many things that you have lost during this time. Process this. Deal with the denial and the anger and the wishing it was different. If you don’t process your loss, it will consume you.
  8. Reopen Your Heart
    It’s hard to be vulnerable. But you need to reach out in love and as I’ve said before start with those you already love and work in ever increasing circles till you are able to love the “unlovable”
  9. Live Today In A Way That Will Help You Thrive Tomorrow.
    Although you are not making plans for the future, still live for it! Make today count and we will build a better future moment by moment.
  10. Believe The Gospel
    Jesus is the way and the truth and the life. Don’t let your relationship with God be built on your circumstances, build your life on the promises of God.

As a Parish we are developing new and innovative ways to support you and those whom you love and care about.

Be assured of our prayers.

Choose faith not fear.
Ember Day 2020

Sunday School

Trinity Sunday

The Bible teaches us that GOD is THREE  unique persons, yet he ONE GOD.

He is GOD the FATHER

GOD the SON (Jesus)


We call this the TRINITY, which means having three parts.

This is not easy to understand, even for adults.

Water is a good way to explain how something can be three different things , yet remain one thing.

Water can be liquid.

Water can be solid (ice).

Water can be a gas (vapour or steam).

The three forms of water remind us of God’s unique qualities,

ICE, the solid form of water reminds us of God the Father, who is our solid foundation.

The liquid form of water reminds us of God the Son. We use water to cleanse ourselves , the same way God the Son died on the cross to cleanse our sins

Lastly, Vapour the gas form of water reminds us of God the Holy Spirit. Gas cannot be seen you can only see its effects. In the same way the Holy Spirit cannot be seen , but the effects of his presence can be seen and felt in our lives as the Holy Spirit works to make his will known to us and to change us to become more like Jesus.

So the next time you drink a glass of water, eat an ice cube or feel steam, let it remind you that God is three persons in one.

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Thank you to Claire Hannington for today’s Sunday School lesson.