Daily Reflections

Weekly Reflection 15 July 2022

Grace and Peace!

In a week of uncertainty and anxiety about the future, I remember a friend of mine would always remind me that there is nothing more constant in life than change. However, I do not think that any of us can foresee that our lives would be changed, or that we would be faced with a time when so much is unknown.

Our foundation can begin to feel unstable when there are more questions than we have answers for.

Most of us like to know the answers to our questions and what the path ahead will look like; not knowing what is coming next makes us uncomfortable. But like most things, not knowing has two sides, and we can choose where we want to put our focus.

The gift in uncertainty is that there is room for the unexpected and miraculous to occur. Even though the conscious part of our brains wants to know the answer and have it all figured out, we can choose to focus ourselves. Just by being aware of our need to know, we can still choose something different.

Once we understand that we have control over what we think, this helps to release the need to control. When we can release the need to know the solution, it opens space for something spiritual and divine to happen. What we are doing is opening a space within our heart to something bigger than us, and trust that there are powers at work on our behalf and in our best interests.

On the flip side, we can give in to the fear that comes with these uncertain times. Fear has a bad reputation, as it is always made out to be a bad thing. That is simply not true, as fear has a purpose in our lives and that is to keep us safe; physically and emotionally.

There are times in our life when we are in immediate danger, such as when a car is coming toward us, or someone is threatening us. Those are the times that require immediate action on your part. However, more often, the fear we have is in our heads. I’m not saying that the fear is not real, but I am saying that we have ruminated about it so much that it is out of control and have lost perspective. This kind of fear is paralyzing us cold in our tracks.

If we can recognize that fear is like a warning system in our car, reminding us that something is trying to get our attention. That is our signal to determine if we are in immediate danger, or if we can pause a moment to determine the source of fear and give it perspective.

We can let go of our need to know what comes next and calm our fears by remembering who God created you to be and the gifts you have been given.

Remember you are resilient.

Call on your faith to guide you.

Call on what you know.

Trust that things are working in your favor.

Imagine the best path forward.

You are called to have faith in what you cannot see, trust in that which is bigger than you and believe in the divine nature of creation.

May you find peace in your worries and anxieties.