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The Rector’s Desk – 30 April 2020

The Lord be with you!

Tomorrow the new Lockdown phase begins and I am feeling very unsure about what that actually means. I know I don’t want my kids and wife at school. I know we should be all prepared, but how? What are we supposed to do? How are we supposed to deal with this? What are the right answers? The truth is no one has the right answers and whatever any leader does now will be criticized and questioned and going forward people who didn’t have to make the decisions will be saying that they would have made better ones. That, my friends is the nature of the beast.

Tomorrow is St Joseph’s day! And here in SA it’s workers day! We need to pray for our economy and for our workforce and the complexities of balancing work and no work and dealing with the risks.
I used to design Risk Assessments for a workforce. It was never aimed at making people afraid but always to increase their awareness of their surrounds and their actions and the actions of others. The same applies now. We must be aware of the Risks to ourselves and others, and act accordingly. We need to lead society in following a Risk averse approach.

Tomorrow, Friday, the office will be closed and I have asked the whole team to disconnect. There will be no online services and no messages from us. I really encourage you all to spend the day off line, the News, the Tweets, the Facebook posts will all be there on Saturday when you return. I think we are all suffering from “CONNECTIVITY fatigue.”

Again, I remind you to seek the Lord our God in stillness. Only when we come to God in silence, can we be receptive to an encounter with him. I am learning from a Jesuit at present, and he , Fr Green likens prayer to using a radio. You have to turn the radio on, this we do by becoming quiet. We need to tune the radio – this is focusing our minds on what God is saying. Fr Green says – “God is the Broadcaster, and we are to listen.” So let us turn off the noise and listen to God!

Have a blessed day my friends and be assured of my prayers.
Your fellow pilgrim.
Fr Andrew.

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