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Unexpected Graces


Unexpected Graces

What does it profit them if they gain the whole world but lose or forfeit themselves? —Luke 9:25

Even though this past year has been difficult, it has also offered many graces. One grace I’ve noticed is how the pandemic has reminded us what is most important in life. I know of one couple who, before the pandemic, worked more than full-time jobs making big money. Each of them had a two+ hour round trip commute to the office. Typically, they only saw their children for about 30 minutes of waking time Monday through Friday. Once they could not go to the office anymore and they rediscovered how much they enjoyed being with their kids, this couple realized they would rather make less money but have more time at home as a family. They realized that when they had a cleaner, a gardener, and a nanny, they had “the whole world,” but they had forfeited their family. The pandemic showed them what they had lost and wanted to regain.


Have you found new life in any way in this past year, as difficult as it may have been?

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